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These are the characters in the anime as well as manga collection Doraemon. Also listed are their original NTV voice actors (1973), followed by their TV Asahi voice stars (1979 ~ 2005; 2005 ~). Part of the 22nd century personalities are detailed in The Doraemons.
Nobita Nobi (野比 のび太 Nobi Nobita?, English dub: Noby Nobi [4] is a fourth grader [5] (5th in anime version) in Tokyo's Nerima Ward or even the only youngster to his parents. He puts on glasses, a red or yellow polo shirt with a white collar, as well as blue or black shorts. Nobita is normally crazy, uncoordinated, dimwitted, weak, frail, childlike or even bad at sports.

Nobita's typical day includes getting there late to school, sleeping throughout class, scoring zero (00%) (F's in the English dub) on his tests, obtaining scolded by his educator, being teased by his schoolmates Gian and also Suneo, falling in the curbside gutter, having canines pursuing him as he steps inadvertently on the dog's tail, obtaining grounded by his mother as she receives grievances versus Nobita for not completing his research, and having a bad credibility amongst his buddies other than Shizuka, who keeps in mind Nobita's kind heart and also looks after him. He is additionally a coward who is terrified by virtually every little thing, especially ghosts, as well as a cry-baby (a running trick in the show has Nobita sobbing or even requesting Doraemon to draw out his gadgets, mostly at the start of the episode). He dislikes going on outdoor activities with his passion being taking an afternoon nap or reading comics, typically right after college, which can last as high as midnight as well as therefore he misses dinner because of this. Actually, sleeping as well as comic book reading are most likely his only real hobbies; a story discloses that Nobita could drop off to sleep in three seconds simply by shutting his eyes, while in others he picks resting over important occasions, such as viewing the very first daybreak on New Year's Day. The only thing stopping him from staying at house at all times, other than explore Doraemon's devices, is Gian and Suneo harassing him to take part in baseball video games or hearing objections from his parents as well as Doraemon to go out or even play.

Despite the above defects, Nobita is usually depicted as being kind-hearted, psychological, sincere, occasionally tireless (like when he gets involved in a wager with his friends) as well as brave. He has actually frequently risked his life in order to help save others or perhaps entire worlds in full-length tales. Though he is shown to be academically poor, the reason behind it is mostly his laziness, and he has additionally secured good marks in numerous episodes, provening his credentials. Nobita can be extremely significant as well as accountable sometimes. Nobita is weak in nearly every facet but does have numerous upsides. As an example, Nobita has outstanding marksmanship which opponents (or perhaps goes beyond) Dora the Kid. He can also weave excellent string numbers, is a great archer, as well as a pretty good comic book critic, owing to the massive amount of time he invests in reading them. He is likewise quite innovative when it concerns using Doraemon's gizmos (in one episode, he had located a method to profitably utilize a device called 'the transmitting mirror', for advertising and marketing, even when Doraemon himself could not think about any use for it).

In the initial history where Doraemon does not conflict, Nobita would certainly wed Jaiko - Gian's sister (although he only enjoys Shizuka), never ever discover a great job, begin his very own company, and eventually go bankrupt. Despite every little thing, Doraemon does well on his mission of avoiding all these from occurring, as seen in several episodes in which they take a trip to the future. Nobita at some point weds Shizuka and comes to be a policeman in the Ministry of Atmosphere.
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