Thứ Hai, 11 tháng 7, 2016

PEPPA PIG E GENIE - Peppa Pig Em Português Brasil - Novos Episódios

Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck as well as Peppa Pig is 3 good friends. 1 day, when all 3 were walking in the forest, they detected 1 yellow lamp look a lot like magic lamp. Mickey Mouse was scrubing the lamp and Genie is true. Genie for 3 individuals 3 wishes. Mickey Mouse's first price quote. He approximated there is a lot of cash, treaties are executed soon after. Donald Duck's turn, he desired a woman good friend, as well as treaties quickly implemented. Peppa Pig's turn, he mused one time without recognizing just what it is estimated, instantly thought of one initiative. He desired to add one more ONE HUNDRED treaties. So he has an additional ONE HUNDRED treaties. He approximated there are castles, automobiles, aircrafts, cash, ... Ever since the entire residence he stayed in high-end.

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